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sykopat 02-21-11 03:26 AM

Waiting for <addon name here>
It's nice that plug-ins wait for main addons to be updated before allowing you to update them, but could there be an option to disable this please? I can't even see if there are updates for AtlasLootReverse since I use another source for Atlas, and I couldn't even if I wanted to since this one keeps recommending ancient versions. I suppose that this problem would go away if the client acknowledged that I had the latest version, but just in case it would be nice to be able to disable this feature.

All the other issues I have seems to be reported in other threads except that the "More info..." on the right-click menu does not work, but that's probably just because it's not implemented yet...right?

Nice to get a client for this site also, as soon as it's up and running there are only two addons that I have to update manually. :)

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