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Verttex 06-25-11 11:27 AM

SimpleHud Auras
Can someone tell me how to remove the aura buttons on the SimpleHud? I use the Nui_AuraButtons and so its redundant that they are there when they are 2 inches away.

spiel2001 06-25-11 01:27 PM

The auras in the HUD are not the same one that are in the buttons... the auras in the buttons are the buffs on your and the debuffs are on your hostile target (i.e. the auras that are helpful to you) while the ones that are in the HUD are the *debuffs* on you and the *buffs* on the target (i.e. the auras that are harmful to you)

Verttex 06-25-11 03:50 PM

OK i see it now. Thanks

Also in the AuraButtons how can I take off the green overlay that shows the buffs were casted by me.

spiel2001 06-25-11 11:25 PM

There's no option to disable that at present.


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