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Chromethous 10-03-09 07:11 PM

Looking for a Keybind Mod.
I'm looking for a mod that lets my bind keystrokes to spell pages etc.

Jzar 10-04-09 12:30 AM

Download that, and unless the other included modules look attractive to you, only copy the Macaroon_Bound folder to your addons directory. That's the only part you need.

Zyonin 10-04-09 02:06 AM

Prior to using Macaroon!, I used Bindpad. It's simple and works great.

shkm 10-04-09 10:15 AM

Seconding BindPad. Macaroon is also awesome, mind.

Katae 10-04-09 12:34 PM

I use mBindings, simple but powerful.

Chromethous 10-04-09 08:27 PM

thanks for the suggestions. I will invariably download them all and see which one I like. I'm like that. If I was better with lua code I would just build my own mods...

septor 10-04-09 08:39 PM


Originally Posted by Chromethous (Post 161053)
If I was better with lua code I would just build my own mods...

Funny thing is, I'll bet this is true for everyone that uses addons.

Manaman 12-14-09 08:26 AM

I am still using SpellBinder

It hasn't had any issues, and has been around since just before the release of BC.

Edit: Looks like I downloaded it last from the more updated version at WOWAce

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