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karmamuscle 03-02-15 06:21 AM

Rested experience capped?
started to work on Stay Classy achievement for my guild.

Created the first batch of characters.
My plan is to only play a character when they are fully capped on rested experience.

However I can't seem to find a place in the GUI where it says if the maximum amount of rested experience has been reached.

buzzman 03-02-15 08:25 AM

Not sure if it has changed since BC but back then it was 1.5 levels.

karmamuscle 03-02-15 08:51 AM

Still is. But how can you tell if you have reached the 150%?
All I get when hovering the cursor over the xp bar, is either rested or no rested xp, not how much that particular character has accumulated.

Phanx 03-02-15 09:40 AM


Originally Posted by karmamuscle (Post 307165)
But how can you tell if you have reached the 150%?

With the default UI, you can't. You need an addon or macro to call the appropriate API functions and do math.

Elkano 03-02-15 10:16 AM

And iirc, Pandas go to 300%.

karmamuscle 03-02-15 11:44 AM

Thank you Leatrix, amount of bubbles will do fine.
I'll just wait for the macro to display 30. :)

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