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Barleduq 03-25-18 08:10 PM

No email on addon update
I had a previous thread on this, but decided to make a new one because it was old, and that issue was fixed.

Today I checked my favorites list, and I had updates from Undermine Journal, MetaMap, Can I Mog It, and BadBoy, that I got no email about. I have gotten email about them all before, and I've waited a few hours to see if anything showed up. The last addon on my list that I got email for was Undermine Journal on March 20th, and before that a comment on Inflight, and Questbuster updating, both on March 18th.

Let me know if there's any other info you need from me. I haven't changed my mail setup since the info I gave in this thread:


Dolby 03-27-18 04:57 PM

grepping through the mail log I see our site sending you emails and there isn't any errors. The mail provider returns a status of `250 2.0.0 OK`. Are you seeing anything in your spam folder perhaps? Did you get an email for the Undermine Journal on the 27th? I see in our logs our server sent one and it was accepted by your mail provider (it didn't bounce).

Also double checked our mail server was ok too:

Barleduq 03-28-18 12:52 AM

I got email for undermine journal and fishing buddy today, and my favorites pane showed that only those two updated.

I got no clue. Just figured I'd mention it, in case it was a bug and not gremlins.


Barleduq 03-29-18 04:53 PM

Update: some not all
So I got email that Storyline had updated, but the email for Executive Assistant and Leatrix Plus was in my spam folder.

No clue why some and not one, and no clue why any at all.

Just more data, I hope.

Seerah 03-30-18 10:54 AM

Perhaps getting more than one email confused your provider into thinking it was spam. Have you added the WoWI email address to your address book?

Barleduq 03-31-18 06:27 AM is in my contacts, which is supposed to whitelist it. I have it filtered into it's own label, which should whitelist it. I have never had problems with getting more than one message a day from (and, in fact, got 2 today, a notification from this thread, and a notification that Can I Mog It? got updated).

ETA: I managed to find a way to come back to the basic view, so I just went into the filters and made sure things were NOT being sent to spam. We'll see how this goes.

Admittedly, I am using the base html version of gmail, because the version they rolled out a few years ago that has everything expand and drop down as you move your mouse across the screen made my machine stutter and crawl. (Yes, my machine doesn't like it on here, either, but as long as I keep my mouse off the top row it's not bad. Gmail had stuff all over the screen.) Looking on the web for 'whiltelist gmail' I see there's an option I don't have on the 'create filter' page, a tickbox for 'Never send to spam'. I just tried to see about changing it on my phone's browser, but it has no way to access the settings or filters that I could find.


Seerah 03-31-18 01:31 PM

Have you tried Inbox instead of Gmail?

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