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Cloe 07-17-05 10:14 PM

Auction House Sorting...
Are there any mods out there that allow you to sort the AH by buyout? I am an ENC and it would be great if I could see all the green weapons for sale with a buyout under 40s (Example) or to see all the Blue armor that are under 12g... I thank you all in advance for any replies.

TinaMarie 07-20-05 02:35 PM

I'm looking for this, too. I'd like to sort on buyout or bid, set a min/max price, then have a "buyout all" and "bid all" button. Even shift-click (or a checkbox by each item?), then "Bid/buyout" would work.

mondoz 07-27-05 10:02 AM

I think the AH's own sorting functions are a bit questionable.
I've sorted by seller a few times, and it doesn't quite work the way you'd expect it to.

They've got some odd things going on in there.

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