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Osagasu_Jiyuu 11-21-05 01:07 AM

Well I hate to be one for break bad news, but... (Timex/Chronos Compatibility)
With the last update of Chronos (Nov 19-20), compatability between Timex and Chronos has been borked.

At least that's what Anduin said. ;)

Well in any case, it came with an error report, if it'll help...

Count: 1
Error: Interface\AddOns\Sky\Sky.lua:327: attempt to call field `scheduleRepeating' (a nil value)


Count: 4
Error: Interface\AddOns\Sky\Sky.lua:235: attempt to index field `?' (a nil value)

Rowne 11-28-05 03:09 PM

That's because that would be supporting Sea and I'm not doing that, that'll never happen. Basically the Chronos support only exists to patch between AddOns that use the Chronos function calls, for example, if an AddOn were to use:


This would be fully compatible with Timex because Timex already had a repeating system in place and it was only a matter of just patching the function name through to Timex's already existing system. Thusly, any AddOns using the repeating system as publically described will not have any problems with Timex compatability.

I'm not sure what Sky does to break things but I've checked the latest Chronos and all the function names are the same. So whatever breaks is due to them using their own AddOn in a non-described manner, which other authors wouldn't do anyway.

In other words, all cases of non-Cosmos Chronos-utilizing AddOns will behave just fine, whereas all cases of Cosmos AddOns with a Sky dependency will probably break.

I'm actually willing to open up a dialogue with the Cosmos people about cross-compatability if they'd care to talk about it. If you're out there Anduin, there doesn't have to be a need for hostility, we could work together on providing a bridge so that authors and users wouldn't be forced to choose, they could pick the one they feel most comfortable with and use that.

In fact, that's why the compatability exists, Timex wasn't created to steal Chronos' thunder or to provide competition, it was just that I felt that I wanted my timing handled in a way that Chronos didn't do. Timex was the timer I always wanted but never had. That's all there is to it, really. I really love Timex and they're going to love Chronos. So ... yanno, no reason we can't work together to bridge that divide.

We could create a cross-compatible API if Anduin's willing, wherein Timex could be supported by Chronos and Chronos would still be supported by Timex (but I'm going to do that anyway).

I'll continue to try and keep Timex updated because I really hate making developers pick and choose their dependencies, it shouldn't have to be that hard for them but as I said, the likelihood from now on is that any Sky-based AddOns are going to be borked, whilst everything else is going to be fine. If you're creating an AddOn which uses Chronos and not Sky and you're having problems, then please do let me know, I'll get it fixed up lickety-split.

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