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luwak 06-10-10 05:43 PM

File handling
hi im very new with lua, how do i load file from lua? like "test.log"
i have tried use and always get error msg. thanks

Starinnia 06-10-10 05:44 PM

The WoW Lua environment does not include some of the normal Lua libraries, such as io.

You cannot read or write files from a WoW AddOn.

luwak 06-10-10 05:55 PM

aw i had three hours to find a way how to read the file, btw thanks alot :)

jeffy162 06-10-10 09:11 PM

Try opening the file with "Notepad" if you're on a Window's system.

Ferous 06-11-10 05:35 AM

If your looking to mess with Lua alot, check out Notepad++

alexdwsn12 06-23-10 10:52 AM

You can also open in Edit Plus which is the same as Notepad++. There is no big difference between them.

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