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IcyZeal 03-03-11 09:44 AM

Just read this over at the UI and Macro forums, thought i'd provide it since its a bad one.

Apparently a new boolean gets INSERTED as new arg5 into 4.1.0s COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED, pushing all "old" arguments past 5 one number back.


nightcracker 03-03-11 10:11 AM

Epic thinking by blizzard...


I wish I was that good at breaking addons semi-on purpose.

Ailae 03-03-11 10:39 AM

Since the number of arguments at the end varies depending on what event fired, where would you put it?

Seerah 03-03-11 05:48 PM

This ^^

You can read more discussion here:

IcyZeal 03-04-11 02:45 AM

Oh blimey. Guess my cursory search to see if this already was posted was too cursory. My apologies.

I know that there's not really a way to do it differently, but.. you know.. a lil blue post "hey guys we are changing an Event that about all of your combat related addons use" would've been nice. Since we don't have that, it's up to us to make the community aware... which is what i was hoping to achieve to some reasonable extent by posting this.

Well, sorry again about the redundant topic.

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