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burky 01-13-14 08:26 AM

Timeless isle issues
i read that some people dont have a problem with this area but i seem to have issues like this area i cant see with my map and my quests arent in the data base??

i have tryed uninstalling it and re-installing it too see if that fixes it and have manually input the folders into the addon file in WOW too see if that is the problem but it still hasnt fixed the problem?

also i have the 5.1.6 version and didnt know if i posted in beta or live section?

i use CurseClient.

was wondering if anyone new of any fix or if the issue has been rised already?

Nimhfree 01-13-14 11:40 AM

I am not sure there is any update for the map for Timeless Isles as of yet, and perhaps there will not be since Rythal seems not to have posted anything about it in a long time.

With regard to quests, I am not sure Carbonite is going to be very helpful with them. Personally I would use Wholly and Grail for that, but I am biased in that regard.

Sparkplug 01-13-14 02:30 PM

The map works fine for me using the beta version. You've got the live version right now and not sure if he updated the live version to add the Timeless Isle area into it.

burky 01-13-14 02:59 PM

He has been on begining of this month but from what I read he is snowed under and getting hassled so am not supprised really.....but thanks for the replys guys I will check out the beta version if I can if not then I willl check out your quest helpers and see if I can deal with them as I use carbonites which I find very handy :)

Is there a link for the beta version?

Choonstertwo 01-13-14 08:14 PM

burky 01-14-14 08:39 AM

thanks guys this now works perfect :)

Tequima 02-24-14 04:15 PM

Lost all quest tracking ...
Downloaded to resolve issue with Timeless, but now there's no options for quests...

UPDATE: Ah! there is are now more modules - needed to update the selection in add-on manager!

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