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Ragny 08-07-06 12:20 AM

Opinion (Raid Attendance Mod)
Was curious on what "Raid Attendance" mod everyone would recommend. I currently use CTRaidTracker, but theres a few things i wish it had that it does'nt. One being a time that the specific item is looted instead of the time of the raid it was looted in. Two a way to categorize a raid by "Boss Death Times" or for example "Luci Died - (List's the people who were there)" then "Magmadar Died - ( etc..)" . Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Tuplad 08-07-06 04:42 AM

I use oRA(CTRA) with Squishy(Healing Monitor) and PerfectRaid(Raid Frames) together with BigWigs(Boss Mods) and BossBlock(Block CTRA Spam).

Farook 08-07-06 10:01 PM

@ Tuplad

"Squishy" - where can I get this?

Never heard of it, and couldn't find it to download somewhere (not on Curse, not on WoW UI, not here either).


ffcloud2000 08-07-06 11:24 PM


i dont think they released it officially.. but you can download it via SVN.. should be some info on this page on how you go about getting it

Farook 08-08-06 09:58 PM

Thank you for the link... I'll gonna have a look at it.


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