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doofus 12-04-20 04:31 AM

Auction House Favorites limited
It seems I have reached the limit of my "favorites" on the new AH - it won't accept any more. I have used the favorites option as a quick way to get prices on a lot of items in one go; actually it is done automatically when you open the AH and it is very quick.

Since I now want to monitor more items than fit into my favorites, I need to maintain my own list of AH items of interest and then "browse" each item, one or a few at a time. Sounds very slow and laborious.

I have tried just that, sending SendBrowseQuery for each item, and waiting a bit until I get a reply, it takes ages.

Would anyone please know of a better way to get fresh list of prices for a bunch of AH items?

cheesewiz 08-03-21 11:19 PM

Were you able to solve this? I'm also interested in extending my favorites.

rulezyx 08-11-21 10:38 PM

As far as I got theres no possibility to do that with the default UI.

Maybe there are some auctionhouse addons that have their own functions/tables to safe/display favorits.

Otherwise I am sure it is possible to create something similar.

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