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MinguasBeef 03-06-20 11:41 AM

Get item armor/damage/speed info
Note: This is on classic.

I know you can get an item's link/stats as follows

link = GetInventoryItemLink("player",1)
stats = GetItemStats(link)
for k, v in pairs(stats) do
  print(k .. "-" .. v)

How would I go about getting the item's armor? In this case, I was wearing Dreadmist Mask, so the armor would've been 71.

Similarly, how would I get a weapon's damage/speed from a link? Or is this just not possible? I'm currently only able to retrieve the damage per second stat via this method. I know a long time ago I tried to retrieve a weapon's speed back in beta but I wasn't sure if they've added a way since then.

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