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MNKyDeth 10-26-14 06:36 AM

Version: 10.0.1_alpha
I have seen a few things I think are bugs.

I went through the shattrath portal to Orgrimmar and I got a [VFL] id already existnameplatesearch
Not sure if it is a bug but it didn't seem normal.

I am using the defaultui raid frames. Been using these since wotlk and I see a role icon has been added to them. It displays a healing symbol for me even though I am feral kitty spec. This is while I am solo'ing. I have not tested in a group or raid yet. I prefer to use the raid frame while solo.

This is just stuff I seen right off hand, without doing much digging yet.

First edit:
Ok, I went out to Pandaria the jade forest through the Org portal. I then went to the flight master to fly to vale of eternal blossoms, horde one. But no matter what flight path I clicked on it would not register. I first disabled all add-ons except OpenRDX. Still would not let me click, fly, to any location on the map. I disabled OpenRDX and the first flight path I clicked on it worked. So this tells me it's something with OpenRDX but I did not get any error messages.

Second Edit:
This might be my problem with a custom definition on bar id mainbar 1.

I use a custom definition on mainbar1 and mainbar2. But to my knowledge I included the proper commands for mainbar1 to switch over to vehicle, possess etc. Anyways here is the definition.

[mod:ctrl] 2; [bar:2] 1; [bar:3] 2; [bar:4] 3; [bonusbar:1,stealth] 8; [bonusbar:1] 6;

At this point everything worked as expected. So I continued and added in the parts for possess, and vehicles. The full custom definition below.

[mod:ctrl] 2; [bar:2] 1; [bar:3] 2; [bar:4] 3; [bonusbar:1,stealth] 8; [bonusbar:1] 6; [vehicleui] 11; [possessbar] 11; [overridebar] 13;

I have no idea what overridebar does except I seen it in the defaultui definition so thought I would need it. If these look correct then RDX is not switching the bars over to vehicle. I can get the vehicle bar to show up on a reloadui however. This might be user error but I can't seem to figure it out so......

Edit 3:
Ok, more info on the flight path issue. I was at Splintertree post trying to fly to Orgrimmar. This time I recieved a Lua Error.

[VFL][*] Lua Error: Interface\AddOns\RDX\MapMgr\Travels\Travel.lua:122 attempt to index global 'NxCData' (a nil value)
[VFL[ TakeTaxiNode : get data from RDX FS
[VFL][*] Lua Error: Interface\AddOns\RDX\MapMgr\Travels\Travel.lua:252 attempt to index global 'NxCData' (a nil value)

Stack trace:
Interface\AddOns\RDX\MapMgr\Travels\Travel.lua:112: in function `hsig'
Interface\AddOns\VFL\Core\DispatchTable.lua:119: in function <Interface\AddOns\VFL\Core\DispatchTable.lua:117>

Stack trace:
Interface\AddOns\RDX\MapMgr\Travels\Travel.lua:198: in function `TakeTaxiNode'
[string "*:OnClick"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>

sigg 10-27-14 01:07 PM

Many issues are fixed with 10.0.2

About the bar states, leave the vehicle first, apply the change then enter a vehicle to see if it works.

If not, could you please send me a way to test it ?


MNKyDeth 10-27-14 05:47 PM

Ok, I replaced all the folders, files in the Interface - Addons. But I did not replace the files in the WTF folder as I am unsure how to backup my current theme and then import it into the new files.

Flight path = Now works I can use the flight paths. However when I do I get a "[VFL] TakeTaxiNode : get data from RDX FS" displayed in my chat. It doesn't look like an error but thought I would mention in.

Vehicle Bar switching = I went and tested a vehicle and my bars switch properly now to the vehicle bar. I have not tested a possess state but I assume that would work just fine since the vehicle switches now.

Portal from Shattrath to Org = [VFL] id already existnameplatesearch is no longer displayed. <- That's a good thing. :)

Raid Frame = I still have the healing symbol on the default raid frame. However I did not replace the files in the WTF folder as I want to keep my theme. When I did replace the files the name of my theme was still there but was blank. So I kept my files in WTF without replacing them. We need a way to backup and then import our themes when new WTF files come out. If there is a way already it's not clear what I need to do.

Anyways, so far so good Sigg, thanks for the work, RDX is now in a usable state for me where I don't need to do any work arounds like reloadui or disable the addon to take flight paths. Much appreciated. When I find more issues I will let you know.

Edit: I was just randomly clicking buttons and found a lua error in 10.0.2_alpha. I clicked on duplicate a theme.

Interface\AddOns\RDX\DesktopMgr\DuiMenu.lua:134: attempt to index global 'DXDK' (a nil value)

Stack trace:

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