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Monstercat 08-17-18 07:57 AM

Friendly Nameplates are not Skinned
As you can see in the Screen, the friendly Nameplates are not skinned like usual.
The Screen was taken on a fresh installment of this UI, nbo other Addons where used.

Ammako 08-17-18 08:43 AM

That is intended behavior within instances. The friendly nameplates there are forbidden and can't be touched.

zork 08-17-18 09:38 AM

For that reason I decided to set the cvar that hides friendly nameplates completely.

But now that I think of it I could have just set that cvar when entering an instance.

Monstercat 08-17-18 04:31 PM

Ahh okay thanks, does anyone know why Blizz is doing this?

jeffy162 08-17-18 04:35 PM

I don't know, exactly, but I understand it has something to do with an exploit. Of course, I could very well be wrong. :o

Kanegasi 08-17-18 07:02 PM

Not an exploit, just clever use of nameplates (and the chat bubble frames as well at some point)

Notice the colored circles and lines over players connecting to nameplates. It was during that patch friendly nameplates were completely locked down.

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