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Voxxel 06-13-18 01:35 PM

I found an old thread of mine asking the same question:

... answered by many nice people. Semlar gave a working solution (4th post) to print out the map IDs used by wowdb/wowhead/others so the numbers I'm looking for were in the game once:


/script print(GetAreaMapInfo(GetCurrentMapAreaID()))
It's second return is / was the number that dataminer sites use. However, I can't get it to return anything in BfA beta. If this script could be "converted" to BfA-compatible maybe I can get the numbers?

Nimhfree 06-13-18 05:49 PM

There is a mapping from the old map/dungeon levels to the new mapIds, which can be found in a BfA system if you dump the Blizzard code at AddOns/Blizzard_Deprecated/UIMapIDToWorldMapAreaID.lua

If you determine the mapping from the map/dungeon levels to the values used on the sites in a live system, and then use this BfA information, you can then make your mapping from the new BfA mapIDs to the values used on the sites. Not fun, but I bet when you are done if you make it available others may appreciate the work you put into it.

Voxxel 06-14-18 12:56 AM

Since 67.66% of your post seems chinese to me, it won't be me who reaps vast rewards here. :D

Xrystal 06-14-18 07:27 AM


Originally Posted by Voxxel (Post 328324)
Since 67.66% of your post seems chinese to me, it won't be me who reaps vast rewards here. :D

Is that worse than being all greek ? :)

Anyhow .. I'll try and break that post down to a chinglish level :P

This link explains how to export the blizzard art and code to your hard drive, in case you hadn't done this in a long while, it helped me.

Once you have done that you should find the following file in your respective Wow folder, here's mine.
G:\Blizzard\World of Warcraft Beta\BlizzardInterfaceCode\Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_Deprecated

The file is very long which is why it wasn't posted in it's entirety but here are the first few lines to show you what was meant. However, a quick search does not reveal the number 8567 or any 4 digit number starting with 856x.


-- This is for the 8.x map transition.
-- Previously maps were represented by either by a pair of WorldMapAreaID and DungeonFloor, or a DungeonMapID.
-- In the new system all maps are represented by a UiMapID.
-- The CSV formatted comment below holds mapping between the two systems at the time of transition.
-- This file will be removed in a future patch.


The next suggestion was for you to use this list to create a lookup function of the old id to the new id and vice versa so that you can use Blizzard functionality to reveal the old zone equivalents that the websites appear to still be using.

I hope that makes Nimh's posting a bit more clearer.

dssd 06-14-18 01:52 PM

There's some confusion between UI maps and maps. UI maps are what you view when you press M.

Maps (or sometimes seen in Blizzard's code as continentID) are the physical areas that we run around in. A UI map is a view onto one or more physical maps. It doesn't make sense to say that a creature spawns in a UI map.

The deprecated table is a mapping between the old UI map system and the new UI map system. It won't help much if you're looking for physical map data. There's the function C_Map.GetWorldPosFromMapPos(uiMapID, mapPosition) -> continentID, worldPosition which can help you convert between the two.

Nimhfree 06-14-18 06:48 PM

Here is an example that hopefully helps.

On a live server if you are in Stormwind and you do:

/dump GetCurrentMapAreaID()

you get:


Blizzard indicates that the mapId is 301 for Stormwind City.

If you do:

/dump GetAreaMapInfo(301)

you get a bunch of stuff which includes:


This 1519 is the zone value that is used on a site like wowhead for Stormwind City.

If you look in the UIMapIDToWorldMapAreaID.lua file dumped from a BfA beta system you will see a line:


This means that BfA beta considers the mapID 84 to be the same that live called 301.

Now you have the three pieces of information you wanted:

Live mapID: 301
Live zoneID: 1519
BfA mapID: 84

You can create any mapping you want, e.g., you can say that BfA map 84 really is the same as zone 1519 on wowhead.

Now the BfA map transition is a bit of a pain since we tend to store map data using its old mapID or possibly a combination of mapID and dungeon level. So if we are to transition old map data to new we need to use that UIMapIDToWorldMapAreaID.lua to change values.

However, the new BfA map stuff is really useful for at least two reasons:

(1) There is no longer a dungeon level concept. Each map has its own ID. Therefore, if you have a dungeon with three levels, you have three unique map IDs.

(2) A character is in more than one map at the same time. For example, all at the same time a character can be in a dungeon, in a city, in a zone, in a continent, on a world. On each map the coordinates will be different. When one looks at a map at any level one can easily see where the character is (assuming the map shows the character).

arith 06-15-18 02:58 AM

The following event is also no longer valid:

thomasjohnshannon 06-15-18 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by arith (Post 328349)
The following event is also no longer valid:

Just add a D to it. TRADE_CLOSED

kaytotes 06-16-18 06:21 PM


Appears to be gone. Not sure of the work around yet.

Fizzlemizz 06-16-18 07:56 PM

From the 7.3.5 Deprecated.lua

-- Use C_DeathInfo.GetSelfResurrectOptions instead
function HasSoulstone()
        local options = GetSortedSelfResurrectOptions();
        return options and options[1] and options[1].name;

kaytotes 06-16-18 10:14 PM

Where is that deprecated.lua?

Fizzlemizz 06-16-18 10:27 PM

After you export the UI code files


See the notes in the .toc file.

AnrDaemon 09-19-18 02:46 PM

Is there a replacement for PARTY_CONVERTED_TO_RAID ?
My google-foo seems to be inadequate.

Thrumbar 09-21-18 10:08 PM

Only thing I could find is..

Name = "GroupRosterUpdate",
Type = "Event",

Name = "InstanceGroupSizeChanged",
Type = "Event",

Just to list 2...

AnrDaemon 09-22-18 04:04 PM

Thank you.
Seems like I'm in for a lot of wrapping.

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