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Lucy.T.Morris 11-13-18 10:30 AM

What video card can help me
I'm looking to upgrade my video card so I can use the new shadowing system, among other things. Currently, if I have it set to even the lowest real-time setting, then I get these weird artifacts on screen; It's basically an overhead map of the shadows, allowing me to see things that are off camera/behind me. Also, bonus points if I can have 2x (or higher) multi-sampling. My average framerate is 23fps, with everything except for object distance, spell effects, and weather intensity set to low.

Tim 11-13-18 12:09 PM

In order for people to help you we'll need your current specs. What exactly new shadowing system are you talking about? The ray tracing capabilities of the rtx? If so you don't really have options aside from the 2070, 2080 and 2080 ti. Who knows if your setup can even support the new platform.

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