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Katmanduu26 11-10-19 11:41 PM

Request for addon that remembers profession menu collapse status
I would love to see a simple addon that remembers your profession menus and which ones were collapsed.

For example, when I open my cooking profession window, every recipe I have ever learned in every expansion is listed.

It would be *so nice* to collapse most of them, leave open the one I'm working on, and have the game remember which ones I had opened and closed next time I logged in.

So please, someone, have a heart and make this a thing.

Dsub 11-13-19 03:42 AM

leatrix plus (for retail) doesn't remember expanded sections but it does have an option that remembers the filter settings which is just as good really. so you can set the profession window to show only a specific expansion recipes (like cata only or bfa only) or item slots or item sources and you can set the 'have materials' checkbox and the 'has skill up' checkbox if you want and those settings will be remembered when you close and open the profession frame. each profession frame settings is saved separately so you can have different filter settings for each profession. it resets when you logout.

its a huge time saver cos it saves you from having to constantly click the filter menu every single time you open the profession window so if you are working on a specific expansion, just set the filter menu and that will be remembered until you logout.

the option is called 'save profession filters' and its in the system menu.

Katmanduu26 11-14-19 12:52 AM

I did try Leatrix Plus's filters and they fall short of actually being able to remember multiple menus.

I can filter it to show Draenor; or to show recipes that give me skill. I can't close all but Pandaria's Wok and Northrend if those are the ones I'm working on.

I also have to scroll through hundreds of "unlearned" recipes every time, filters or not.

I'd much rather prefer a very simple addon that remembers my profession menu collapse status.

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