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BabyRay 11-30-15 05:02 AM

Engrave on a glass
Hello there,

I want to let my char engrave on a glass.
Now I'm getting on the lookout for a way to a pretty picture.
Ingame Screenshot? to much around what I had to retouch. And the Char moves too much
Arsenal? Pose can not be changed ...
What option is there?
What pose would be the right one?
Would like without a helmet but the beard then hangs in the armor.
I've already tested WoWModelViewer. But since the right pose to find I have not yet succeeded.
I want to see from the front like my dwarf. The shield should be visible mainly from the front cover and should hide the offhand.
The weapon should be from the side view so you can recognize them well.

Someone tips or could it possibly be even assist me?

This char:

MunkDev 11-30-15 07:40 AM

Maybe using a PlayerModel frame on a green screen backdrop? Would make it easy to alpha out the background and then you could rotate it and change animations and lighting.

I did something similar to that effect a while ago, but never made anything out of it. Can probably whip up some code for you if you're interested.

Resike 11-30-15 01:08 PM

I would be more intrested on those window textures. :)

BabyRay 11-30-15 01:26 PM

The pictures look good.
With a gun I managed it well. Not perfect but useful to start with. The problem is mainly with the Shield. I have tried to add the Shield individually. But do not get the shield to the correct position rotated.

Clear background needed

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