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quadrotony 08-20-20 03:11 PM

[Request] satellite(google) world map. once again
hey guys so i searched here and there and cant find simple addon that will change world map to satellite view
instead, i found many requests/questions for it

what i found so far

1) Atlas world map - works fine for Classic, but outdated for retail...
2) Carbonite - its not exactly what i am looking for, it is satellite view only if you zoom in map very close, also main map fractured to separate pieces, complicated and unnecessary imho
3) Yatlas - abandoned
4) AtlasWorld - plugin for Atlas, its not replacing main map, but working inside Atlas UI only

so we need to revive Atlas World Map somehow...

correct me if i am wrong, but as of now, in 2020 there is no satellit view addon for world map for Retail wow....?

Seerah 08-22-20 08:02 PM

Just an FYI, I removed the link you posted to the addon. That website is an unauthorized redistributor of addons that takes them from other sites and does not credit the authors.

The addon in question is not found on WoWI or Curseforge because the author has not made it available or had it removed.

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