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cloudwolf 11-29-08 07:31 PM

Item stat testing.
I don't know if this addon is in existence but I'm looking for something that takes Your current stats such as str stam agil int and spirit along with hp armor mana dmg (ranged and melee) and has a drop in interface so you can Drop a non soulbound item into a specific slot and see how it effects your stats/dmg/hp with out the need of making the item soulbound. I think this would be insanely useful to figure out what to sell and what to wear. Please and thank you for any redirection to addons in existence or making of this addon.

Hope to see this idea spring into life. If I could make this myself I would but I'm not that skilled.

Seerah 11-29-08 08:14 PM

Check out RatingBuster.

cloudwolf 12-06-08 09:32 PM

I just tried this(and first impression is its not exactly what i wanted) i was looking for something to show what i would gain(yes it shows that) on a NON souldbound item. This seems to only show what i would gain on quest rewards and soulbound items i already have. I'm looking for something that will tell me if something that's boe(not soulbound yet) if i gain enough for what im looking for to soulbind that item. So i know to sell the item on the AH or use the item for myself?

Could some one make this please if there isn't something that already does this and i would like it in a window mode so im not just getting percentages i want to see how it would physiccaly effect my dmg not just i gain 10ap which = X dmg. i want to see if a weapon with 100-300 dmg at 2.7speed will give me more upfront dammage than a sword of 100-250 at 2.6 speed with ap on it.

Seerah 12-06-08 10:31 PM

It does work on non-soulbound items.

Did you check out its options to see if it could show you those things? I'm a mage, so I don't care about weapon damage, and it's been years since I've configured RB.

cloudwolf 12-06-08 11:33 PM

Got it to work

Seerah 12-06-08 11:46 PM

There is an option for it to ignore armor/weapon types that you can't use (or are below your armor type).

Faraque 12-07-08 01:15 AM

Cloudwolf, you are making this more difficult on yourself than you know.

RatingBuster works with any item you have a tooltip for. If you can mouse over it, or get a link for it, it will work.

Now, if you want a bit more depth than one piece vs one piece, you can check out WoWEquip, if it's still being updated, as it lets you try on gear in a mock dressing room and see the stat changes reflected. You can "try on" any piece of gear you can get a link for. And maybe some you didn't know existed too.

Again, I dont' know if it's been updated for Wrath. Last time I used it was before WoWAce closed it's doors.

cloudwolf 12-07-08 11:46 AM

I got RB to work it had an option set thats anoying where it wouldn't show items below my level. ile try the wowequip if its updated. Ty for the help

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