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StenbergGaming 04-29-18 12:24 AM

Masque/Skin for Experience Bar
I'm playing with Bartender and I'm trying to find a nice looking skin for the exp bar.

Is there something like this or are they all embedded into for example: Dominos etc?

Can't seem to find a stand-alone skin that looks good.


jeffy162 04-29-18 11:17 AM

I don't think there are any. You would have to make an addon (using Masque, or whatever addon you like) yourself to skin the experience bar (and the reputation bar, too).

MissyXover 04-29-18 11:23 AM

jeffy162 04-29-18 01:11 PM


Originally Posted by MissyXover (Post 327814)

This is an addon that you have linked, not a skin for the experience bar. The op asked for a skin, not an addon.

Besides, Bartender already has an experience bar. He just doesn't like the way it looks and wants to skin it.

StenbergGaming 05-02-18 02:13 AM

I understand. Hopefully something will come out one day. Thanks for help and info!

Phanx 05-06-18 01:28 PM

Masque skins action buttons (and things that use the same structure as an action button), and the experience bar isn't an action button or anything like one, so it's just not possible to use Masque to skin the experience bar.

It might help if you could describe how you want to change the appearance of the experience bar. Do you want a different bar texture? Different colors? Do you want to add a border? Change the size? Something else?

Pretty much any solution is going to be a standalone addon, like the addon MissyXover linked. Bartender doesn't have any options for changing the experience bar's appearance, so unless you want to (a) modify Bartender's code, which is a bad idea even if you understand addon coding, or (b) write an addon that only modifies the experience bar if Bartender is installed, which would be silly, then you're looking at a separate addon. If you still want it to look like it's integrated with Bartender (e.g. if you use the Blizzard art feature) then you'd just use the other addon's options to move and resize the bar until it was in the right place and the right size.

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