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Imithat 01-26-20 07:06 AM

[Request] Infight feedback

first I asked Keivamp if he could deal with my request. However, no further feedback has come from him so far. He recently launched his own interface - Inked! retail.

Information appears in the middle of the screen that you are in combat. This information is particularly important to me and I have learned to love it. unfortunately this little feature is firmly anchored in the interface and I have no idea how I can get the little thing out. So far I've been using Parrot for this. But it's not as nice as what Keivamp programmed. Can someone help me to just bring out the feature as a standalone addon?

Kanegasi 01-26-20 07:40 PM

The part of the addon that drives that combat warning is almost entirely isolated from the rest of the addon.
  1. Go to
  2. This will be a separate addon, name it what you want in the top box
  3. Open the file Interface\AddOns\Inked\Extras\CombatAlert.lua
  4. Select all and copy
  5. Paste in big box at the site above
  6. In this big box, remove the line if InkedChar.comb == false then return end
  7. Replace
    local G, F, C, L = unpack(select(2,...))
    local G = CreateFrame("Frame")
  8. Replace
  9. Download and unzip into Interface\AddOns
If WoW was running, completely restart WoW to see what you installed.

Imithat 01-27-20 05:59 AM

Wow, thank you <3 :banana:

hasnogaems 02-23-20 07:19 AM

Kanegasi casts Knowledge

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