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Liarsenic 02-20-10 06:04 AM

RobroCop UI Discussion
As the title suggests, in addition to the comments page, I have started a thread for you guys to come to me with any criticism, or any thoughts, sugggestions, anything. For starters, I can get things going with things I am trying to go with future versions,

UI can be viewed here.

1)Clean up some LAWl fun for 5 seconds ADHD mods-I have mods included in the package that serve merely to make me giggle, it does nothing else, so addons such as BAMFtones, Killing Blow, and other things, are things I am seriously considering dumping in future packages, so that I can probably appeal to a broader audience who prefer less overall memory usage.

2)Speaking of Memory usage, lets address that. It isn't a huge concern, I'm only running 25 megs atm, but I am looking for any ways to improve that, cutting corners left and right, using the bare bones versions of mods are nice until you want to switch fonts, so instead of changing it through an options interface, lo and behold you must spend 20 minutes finding the line of code in lua to edit it and fix it.

3)Ok, this is moreso a call to arms for all you amazing UI geniuses, is Stuf Raid frames stuck looking like Grid? Or is there a way to make the raid frames similar to a column one bar for hp with name on bar for raid frames? An example would be Skullflowers raid frame setup.

4)Profit? Well, moreso this is just a big thanks to all of you who created the addons I can not play without, namely Tekkub. Sir you are a genius, and thanks a ton for making this game amazing for me.

Liarsenic 02-20-10 10:52 PM

Aight, replying to my own thread, but thought I'd put it out there, which would you guys prefer, caelnameplates, or Tidyplates? I'm liking Tidy so far but gimme some input!

cormanthor 02-20-10 11:31 PM

Just as a reply to your question about StUF raid frames -- they are very flexible in the layout. From the default layout, to get a fully vertical effect, you'll need to change the positioning of the headers for groups 2-8 (or 2-10 if you're using class sorting). A more robust approach would be to move groups 2-8 into header 1 and adjusting the number of rows & max units for that header.

Liarsenic 02-28-10 09:47 PM

Just an Update, I am in the process of possibly switching to ouf, basically taking a preexisting template and heavily modifying it to fit my specs. It's a bit time consuming, because I have little LUA experience, just working by trial and error, but I assure you, since this is turning into a pet project, it will look incredible once I get it looking how I want it to. It will look a bit similar to what I am using now, just changing up raid frames(unless you guys prefer the current setup then ill upload 2 different versions)just with that ouf simplicity. Thoughts? Comments? Criticism?

Liarsenic 03-19-10 03:02 AM

Aight, so after having my mind blown in finding out that Sldatatext has been updated(you sir have made my day)I was wondering, I am going to be going with that in future compilations, but do you guys prefer SLDatatext or Lynstats? I know with Lynstats being fully LUA edited it's much lighter, but man...SLDatatext just gets me all excited and reminds me of the good old days of Hal's UI amazingness, anyways, thoughts, comments, complaints, criticism?

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