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Sealbinder 04-19-12 08:38 PM

New user of nUI with a quick HUD question
I just downloaded nUI last night and I have been playing around with it and so far really enjoy the layout. My one question is regarding the black bar with the HUD button that is on the top of the screen. Is there a way to make that go away? It is taking up space on the top of my screen where I had another Addon running. I know I have seen screenshots of nUI without this bar so I know it can be removed, but I just can't figure out how.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.

Chmee 04-19-12 11:29 PM

What other add-on did you have running up there? Is that add-on still among your active add ons? Can you post a screen shot (attach it to your reply here, please, don't make us go gallivanting all over the 'net)?

Xrystal 04-20-12 01:14 AM

It doesn't really get removed, but you can tell it to hide unless you mouse over it.

Sealbinder 04-20-12 05:15 AM

The addon is ForteXorcist. Sine I am playing an affliction lock I have a lot of timers to keep track of and I like them to be in the upper middle of my screen (I am trying to keep everything centered so I can see it all easily). I can not get you a screen shot now since I am at work (taking a quick break) but I can try to get your one once I get home.

Being able to hide the HUD Bar/Button is all I really want. I love how the Hud itself looks,but the Bar at the top is just taking up space that I used to keep track of my multi-dotting.

Xrystal 04-20-12 12:18 PM

Unless someone beats me to it before I get a chance to reply I will see about getting you the slash command to use to change it to mouseover only. Hopefully that will resolve your problem as the menu buttons are there but usually you wouldn't be accessing them mid fight so they shouldn't be messing you about too much. *Touch Wood*

Seer 04-20-12 02:43 PM

/nui console {on|off|mouseover}

Should work, tho not sure if it only hides the black bar or also the menu / fps / latency parts..

Xrystal 04-20-12 03:04 PM

It hides the menu buttons and the fps stuff as it is anchored to it.

Sealbinder 04-20-12 03:15 PM

Thank you very much. I will try it when I get home.

druknar 08-31-12 08:40 PM

I had same question, thanks for answer... Now it is perfect

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