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strikerboy414 04-05-18 08:35 AM

Anyone alive?
Sigg you still keeping up with OpenRDX?

Next WoW expansion just got a release date and I want to make sure my favorite addon is still around =)

Bethan 04-26-18 02:52 AM

I can't talk for anyone else but I'm still using openRDX for most of my interface and wouldn't mind keeping using it for bfa :)

I guess we'll see what happen in the following months.

btw I have a beta access, and while I didn't try to load rdx yet to look at what broke, don't hesitate to pm me if you need any extra testers sigg :)

Bethan 05-01-18 01:19 PM

I did spent some time today fixing my addons on the beta. The current addon changes on the beta did break a few things in openRDX. I tried a few very dirty fix that broke the "map" and "log" part of openrdx (that I'm not using, and that were most affected by the api changes) but most of what's left seems to be working fine.

Hopefuly Sigg manages to make a real official fix for the bfa release, otherwise I'll try to see how to clean what I have and will try to send a patch to the current official git repository for those that are still interested in a not-to-broken version of openRDX.

Bethan 01-19-19 08:45 PM

Apparently 8.1 broke a function in VFL that ended breaking all editbox in RDX (typically for Vars Scripted nodes)

The fix I found consisted in changing the function VFL/UI/Indent.lua:getCaretPos(editbox) (line ~880), replace all the code in this function by :


local function getCaretPos(editbox)
  return editbox:GetCursorPosition()

I still have a somewhat workable version of RDX if it still interest anyone. I'm not sure I really want to spend the time to "officially" maintain it though.

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