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drunk 11-20-11 01:25 PM

Special Action Bar
I have been doing the new raids in the PTR and the new big thing they implemented is a special button to enter a dream state for a couple of the boss fights. I understand it is called the special action bar, but I cannot for the life of me find out where to turn it on in NUI. Any suggestions?

Xrystal 11-20-11 02:30 PM

It should be the one that is not currently moveable in nUI. My plugin though adds it to the /nui movers list so you can move it to a more useful place than beneath the nUI unit frame area :D

To test it without going into an instance that uses it simply jump down that big hole in the ground in Twilight Highlands to do that quest to rescue the druids and kill the tentacle monsters.

drunk 11-20-11 02:58 PM

I see the nui/movers, but i do not see the special action bar after i get there. Is there another name for it that I am not seeing? I might have found it. Is it called bottom left bar/action page 2?

Xrystal 11-21-11 02:43 AM

Have you installed the plugin I wrote ? If not you won't see it. The plugin is at The screenshot there shows an example of the mover system allowing you to move the new Special PlayerPowerBarAlt Action Bar.

Hopefully that helps you out.

ced_1973 12-07-11 06:30 PM

What you are refering to here isn't in NUI.

Make the following Macro

/click ExtraActionButton1

That will take care of the what you are looking for.

schmitty 12-07-11 08:07 PM

is there an explanation or screenshot available of what the two new action buttons do?

I've noticed them when I activate movers, but am unsure where to place them as I don't know what they do.

Xrystal 12-08-11 02:11 AM

The extra bars are special action bars used in instances for special boss fights or in some cases quest fights. Just place it where its easy for you to use when it does come up without being in the way of other buttons that may be around at the time.

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