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bigsleepy121 07-24-12 06:10 PM

Will Carbonite be updated for MOP?
Will carbonite be updated for mop i would love to donate if i know they were working on a mop version. kinda seems like a waste of money to donate 50 bucks and they dont update it. thanks

Edit: 7/25/12: really no answers. no one that develops this addon can answer me. i love this addon i want to support it there is nothing like it. i want to give you money just please let me know if you will support MOP i have friends who would like to donate as well to help get it underway if anyone has any info please post ty

coorsd 07-25-12 10:31 PM

I am also wondering. So if someone could please confirm whether or not this will be continued, it would be helpful to know. if not, i will start making other plans.


Sprucelee 07-26-12 11:16 PM

Add me to the heap, MoP = donation.

WeaveDiva 08-01-12 06:46 PM

hello?...any devs out there...we really do like carbonite and would like to support it through MOP, but we need to hear from you!

as a MOP beta tester, i can already tell you, the current version of carbonite doesn't run well at all with MOP as of late July, and i always have to disable it if i want to run the beta. it was bad enough starting beta without any add-ons, but now that we can have them from those who developing/updating them, it really hurts not having this one!

can you guys at least let us know what's going on?

woofpup 08-07-12 09:53 AM

Donate for MoP
I also will donate again if we can just get word on if there will be an update.

carolefarm 08-07-12 12:43 PM

Do they only respond to the folks that are currently donating?

AcidWeb 08-07-12 01:54 PM

Don't expect MoP Carbonite update.

gleiNNek 08-09-12 03:13 PM

Reply to donators only....
No, they don't reply to donators only.. At least not to me, I donated about a month ago and haven't heard anything. I haven't even been added to the "Donators Only" forum....


tiredoldman 08-18-12 10:09 PM

Oh really now ?

Originally Posted by AcidWeb (Post 259337)
Don't expect MoP Carbonite update.

Is this your opinion or is it a known fact ?
Does this mean the end to the Carbonite addon ?

I truely hope not.

AcidWeb 08-19-12 12:08 AM


Originally Posted by tiredoldman (Post 259922)
Is this your opinion or is it a known fact ?

Opinion. But considering lack any information from authors I think Carbonite is simply abandoned.

Cherio 08-19-12 06:25 AM

if its abbandoned , cant anyone else pick it up a Fan update for example ?

Chmee 08-19-12 06:50 AM

I would suggest two things: an addon is abandoned when the author says he's abandoning it, or when, after a major update, it breaks and is not fixed in a reasonable period of time, such period being considerably longer than the usual four seconds people wait before complaining, like say, a couple of weeks at least, and for someone to pick up this addon would be difficult, as convoluted as the code is.:cool:

gleiNNek 08-19-12 10:15 AM

Hard code to follow
Yes, the code of this addon is hard to follow. It looks like it's been run thru either a "code obfuscator" or a "code shortener". Used to see this oftem in old Apple II BASIC programs when trying to make hard to follow them or make them use less code space.


Rythal 08-20-12 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by gleiNNek (Post 259949)
Yes, the code of this addon is hard to follow. It looks like it's been run thru either a "code obfuscator" or a "code shortener". Used to see this oftem in old Apple II BASIC programs when trying to make hard to follow them or make them use less code space.


it actually isn't that hard to follow, there is no spacing, and a lot of it is shortened like MM for minimap etc, but it does make sense once you figure out which is which.

Part of the problem is the code is so old, and has just been patched quickly to work... and this time around blizzard is removing things completly from the API calls... like ranged slot for example, carbonite still has calls/checks for ammo slot which hasn't existed in ages, but just silently failed since WoW allowed it, ranged slot... nope full on error if you try to touch it.. so all refrences to look at it need to be removed.... and that's just one small example.

Nimhfree 08-20-12 12:30 PM

If you fear Carbonite will not be updated for MoP perhaps now is the time to find out the replacement addons for specific features, and for those features that have no replacement see if the community is willing to come up with new addons that have those missing features. Eventually if there are enough addons that provide replacement features for Carbonite I am sure someone will package them up in an addon pack called Charcoalite or something similar.

Cherio 08-20-12 03:06 PM

I think basic features of quests and maps and PVP BG maps is the most needed/used function here , others are important though , but made the addon more complex and harder to maintain. As a player I would be happy with these basic features. else can be sub addons maintained seperatley , with ability to disable/enable

none of the current addons can replace carbonite in map zoom and quests functions, other features have other replacement addons

Rythal 08-20-12 03:16 PM

The Problem is getting permission to even be fixing it, sure I can modify the code and make it work for myself...
but since they included the copyright disclaimer even tho I have 75% of it fixed and working, I can't distribute it.

Leridyn 08-21-12 08:00 AM

Sorry for the interruption -I deleted my original post because I just found a thread addressing my request for replacement addons.

I love Carbonite, and have for years. I also am a professional and have a life, family and social obligations - so I respect that the developers have higher priorities than writing code to enhance a video game. I'd love to see a fan update or something that provides the same functionality in one comprehensive addon (not a compilation).

Rythal 08-21-12 11:08 AM

you won't get a fan update that doesn't require additional addons, not without tearing apart the entire thing and redoing parts from scratch which would make it no longer just a fan update.

Unless someone is willing to put a crapload more work into it... I'll try to explain why for just one aspect of it,

Carb is from before blizz had it's own quest tracking / hints, so every quest that you can get the little arrow on screen telling you where to go, is registered and known by the addon... those not known, won't give you the arrow. The information for the quests is encoded in some way only they the creators know

"4Sharptalon's Claw%:6####",nil,"#$( 9^@^",} is how one quest looks to us when we view it, and I dunno about any of you but to me it's mostly jibberish. Now, blizz has it's own tracking, and it works very well, and addons can access the information... so in theory carbonites tracking could be hooked into all that and use it instead of it's internal database which would mean instant working for pandaria, but at the loss of knowing what quests in each zone you have finished / not finished.

The reason I used the real tomtom in my fixed version, was because it can't track any quests not in it's internal database.. it just gives you an error which i'm sure most of us have seen saying that quest or objective is unknown. So instead, carbonite displays my quests & objectives as it always has, but tomtom does the tracking for me since it uses the internal game information I mentioned above.

worlord 08-21-12 11:17 AM

One of the authors has let me know that they have been VERY busiy with there actual jobs. They have not decided if they are going to update it or allow the community to do so. He said that they will post a reply on the forums once they have made a decision.

Just my opionion here but I think that they are going to turn it over to the community. Since the last update was just extend the Out of date message.

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