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Rythal 12-31-14 07:25 PM

Windows Junction Setup?
So I'm sure i read somewhere about creating junctions (kinda like sym links, i'm more use to linux :P).

Anyone able to better describe how to do this? Part of what slows me down, and makes commits more hesitant is I keep all my git on a networked drive, and edit those files then copy what I edited to my wow folder for testing. So much easier if I can edit live and not worry about copying constantly.

nelegalno2 01-01-15 02:46 AM

If you are on Vista+ you can use:

mklink /D "C:\GAMES\WoW\Interface\AddOns\Carbonite" X:\DEV\Carbonite
P.S. You have to do this for each directory and need to map the network drive in order for this to work.

Crablouse 01-15-15 06:18 PM

Under Windows 7 and later you need full administrator rights to create a link (including UAC context switch)
Normal Users cannot run mklink

Dridzt 01-15-15 09:46 PM

HowToGeek article.

GUI wrapper.
Shell Extension.

Vlad 01-20-15 01:14 AM

The shell ext looks nice. :)

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