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TimothyLuke 08-23-16 05:59 PM

Referencing objects
Hi Everyone,

I asked this over in ACE land as im using ACEGUI but have not had a result so apologies for cross posting in advance. The original Post and the code is located

What I am wondering is if I can reference objects via parent child relationship.

I have a logical structure for layout that looks like

frame, Layout container , tab container, textbox

can I reference this via something like


The tab control expects that I "release objects" and recreate them each time I change tabs. What I want to be able to do is be able to use a function on a widget that is outside the tab container reference an object that I know will exist.

Seerah 08-23-16 07:25 PM

Of course. Frames are special tables. Just store the children in the table.

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