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rulezyx 01-13-20 09:21 AM

hide healing text on target/player frame
I was trying to find an addon for WoW Classic to show dodge/miss damage etc. on the target frame.
Since this function doesnt exist by default I found this addon:
But I want to hide the healing text completely, since I display heals with custom stuff, its overlapping.

I didnt rly find anything else.

Somebody knows any solutions?:confused: I rly appreciate any help:)

PS: I found but it doesnt work for classic.

rulezyx 01-14-20 12:47 AM

I solved it with the Author (PortraitDamageText.lua)
I changed the line 202 from:


" if unitIDs[unitID] then"


" if unitIDs[unitID] and action ~= "HEAL" then"

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