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zork 10-07-16 02:28 AM

[PTR,7.1] Nameplates do not show up for friendly npcs!
I tested this inside out on the PTR yesterday. From my understanding what must be happening under the hood is that the nameplateShowAll which was moved in the interface options panel has no more affect on the game when it comes to friendly npcs.

The CVAR does get saved properly. It just has no effect.

The friendly nameplates behave as if that value is disabled. Means the friendly npc nameplate pops up when you target the unit.

I tested combat mode. Does not change a thing. Nameplates stay hidden unless you target one manually.

Enemy nameplates show up fine. Friendly nameplates on the targeted npc show up fine.

p.s. I repaired the PTR installation twice. I ran no addons. I reseted all settings to default multiple times. I tested all possible nameplate interface settings. Bug is consistent.

zork 10-07-16 09:40 AM

I checked the cvarlist change between live and ptr.

These cvars where added on the PTR


Not sure if they are causing the issue.

Here is a Diff from live to PTR (7.1) with nameplate cvars only. Maybe the problem is in there somewhere.

zork 10-07-16 11:28 AM

Damn...I just checked the diff again. I overlooked one single CVar that was added.


And of COURSE that was the issue.

As soon as I ran "/run SetCVar("nameplateShowFriendlyNPCs",1)" all friendly npc nameplates popped up. :)

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