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devilArt 01-03-15 05:42 AM

saw an awesome screenshot, anyone know the source?
never seen this layout before, really interested.
some material from rothui I guess.

syncrow 01-03-15 06:38 AM

It looks like some sort of final fantasy or secret of mana. Pretty sweet

Choonstertwo 01-03-15 09:41 AM

The orb in the bottom centre looks like rBottomBarStyler, but I'm not sure which AddOn provides the crystals on either side of it.

Svegan 01-04-15 05:00 PM

Chinese character in lower right, and I would guess DK rune crystal addon. Not sure what the addon is called but it does look nice.

zork 01-05-15 02:15 AM

Could be STUF with additional textures from oUF_Diablo.

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