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Ammako 06-16-16 08:00 AM

Help figuring out a sound file on Legion
The PTR just updated with Legion 7.0 pre-patch, and so I checked out class changes.

I honestly don't mind the way BM plays now, except they changed the sound for Dire Beast. Instead of a whistle sound, it now plays several different 'roars' per race/gender combination. The same sounds play when you use Bestial Wrath.

All fine and dandy, except the ones they chose for female Worgen are HORRIBLE. How can I figure out the file names so that I can replace them with something better?

Wowhead didn't help, because any sound files I found that are related to Dire Beast are completely unrelated. My first guess would be that the sounds used for Dire Beast actually originate from elsewhere and are only being re-used, but I have no way to know.

This is how they sound like, in case somebody can recognize them and point me towards the right direction:

Otherwise, is there an easy way I can figure out the filename for a sound being played in-game? Is there some kind of add-on or something that would let me 'record' sounds that are being played and show their file name on screen, or record them in a log file somewhere?

Thanks a million times to anyone who would be able to help with this.

sirann 06-16-16 03:10 PM

Dear lord,

I can't help you in the slightest, but that is seriously a wilhelm scream. RIP female worgen BM hunters.

Ammako 06-17-16 02:17 PM

I have figured out that this sound is also being played as SV Hunter, when using the Spitting Cobra spell (a talent.)

So this has gotta be a sound re-used at several places. Just need to figure out where it originates from. :/

Ketho 06-17-16 02:47 PM

There are CASCExplorer, CascView and LuaCASC, but I haven't managed to extract the sound/listfiles with them
Have been lying under a rock though, since the last time I remembered doing that, it was all MPQ ...

There also is a list of sound commands, but it's not updated for Legion

But is it still possible to "override/replace" sound and .BLP files?

Ammako 06-17-16 04:36 PM

Also oh boy... this is also used for Ignore Pain on Warriors, and Battle Cry. Likely also used for even more different classes and abilities. Guess this gives me more leads for places to look at.

And yes I do have CASCExplorer with a fairly recent listfile, the problem is figuring out what the actual filename for a specific sound is. :p
And if that sound isn't currently present in the listfile, it becomes a lot harder to figure it out x.x
Those listfiles exist because people figure out filenames for stuff, but... /how/ do they figure out the filenames?

Your list of sound commands wouldn't really help, because I'd still need to know the actual file name of the sound I want. And yes, replacing sound files still works (I'd be really mad if Blizz removed that functionality >.>)

So I guess I'm gonna have to randomly try different things... turns out the listfile has filenames for the "For the Alliance!" and "For the Horde!" voiceovers, but the filenames aren't included for every race/gender. The one for female Worgen wasn't listed. But after some testing, I've found out that it's 'sound\\character\\PCWorgenFemale\\VO_WorgenFemale_ForAlliance_01.ogg'

Maybe the other shouts are somewhere nearby... maybe I can find the dire beast shouts on other races and then apply a similar naming scheme to other races and find out the filenames for the sound files, and finally solve my issue.




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