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Larias 04-27-17 01:42 PM

Is there a way to force the action bars to refresh faster?
At really high haste amounts - bloodlust+BTI proc - the buttons don't seem to pop at the correct speeds. I have a spell that resets the CD of my 2nd spell when its cast, and it can take .25 seconds for the bars to update this accurately. Then, because of my super fast GCD, it won't pick up some ability usage - it'll literally skip an ability click because I'm having to rotate faster.

So, basically, I'm asking is there any way to force the bars to refresh faster (.01ms instead of .1ms or whatever). Thanks!

syncrow 04-28-17 10:50 AM

When you cast a spell, gcd is triggered.
As far as i'm aware gcd is haste capped: minimum of .6 sec ~.

When your spell resets a spell that is tied to the gcd, you'll have to wait until the gcd triggered from your first spell is finished.

When you hammer a spell that is not ready (which would trigger gcd), and you are currently off gcd you'll trigger a "fake" gcd of 0.2 seconds or so this is a failure response to the server

KonigTX 04-30-17 03:24 AM

I recommend playing with AutoLagTolerance -- changed my gameplay significantly. The addon constantly updates your SpellQueueWindow setting in accordance to your current ping. Does wonders. Good luck!

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