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Cairenn 10-05-18 01:58 PM

BlizzCon 2018 UI Community Dinner - Sign Up
Okay folks, now that everyone knows whether they are going or not (ie whether you were successful in getting through the queue and thus have a ticket or not) - who wants to go to a UI community dinner this year, our 12th (almost) annual dinner? I need numbers so I can start looking around for a restaurant. Sign up below pretty please.

As always, it will be held on the Thursday night, before the 'con. Restaurant to be confirmed.

Attendee List

Torhal +3
MP +1
Sargeras +2
Adys +2
Jelly +6

Torhal 10-05-18 02:21 PM

I'll be there! ~ added, Cair

MentalPower 10-05-18 02:23 PM

Me too & +1 ~ Added, Cair

Kaelten 10-05-18 09:11 PM

me me me me! ~added, Cair

Gethe 10-05-18 09:54 PM

I will be there as well! ~added, Cair

Kaydeethree 10-05-18 11:01 PM

I'm in yet again. ~added, Cair

FISKER_Q 10-06-18 01:34 PM

I'll be there too.

You can't edit me! ~wanna bet? added, Cair

Seerah 10-06-18 07:30 PM

Have fun, guys! Miss you! See you next year!

Cairenn 10-06-18 07:49 PM

We're gonna miss you too!!!!!

Dolby 10-13-18 08:17 AM

I know Sargeras + 2 are coming. He just can't really post atm. ~ added, Cair

Can't wait to see you all! :D

JDoubleU00 10-13-18 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by Dolby (Post 330483)
I know Sargeras + 2 are coming. He just can't really post atm.

Wasn't he killed at the end of Legion? :p

Fizzlemizz 10-13-18 08:23 AM


Originally Posted by JDoubleU00 (Post 330484)
Wasn't he killed at the end of Legion? :p

Hence the inability to post I imagine ;)

Cairenn 10-18-18 10:05 AM

BlizzCon 2018 UI Community Dinner - Restaurant Choice
Gonna give you guys some options to choose from this year. Please pick one. If you choose 'other', please post in the thread with your suggestion.

For information purposes to help you decide:

Splitsville - in Downtown Disney, a restaurant serving basic American cuisine & a bowling alley!

Tony Roma's - between the convention center and Disney, on Harbor Blvd., great ribs and steaks, among others.

P.F. Chang's - in Garden Walk, on Katella Ave., the same place we've gone the last 3 or 4 years now.

FISKER_Q 10-18-18 10:16 AM

My feet says P.F. Changs, but I think Splitsville could be fun :P

Cairenn 10-18-18 10:25 AM

We are only 2 weeks out now folks. If you are planning on joining us, sign up!

Torhal 10-18-18 01:51 PM

I'm probably going to have +3 (perhaps slightly more) from my team. ~ added, Cair

Arrowmaster 10-18-18 07:37 PM

I almost forgot I'm supposed to RSVP to this every year... ~ of course you are, what if you weren't going to BC? silly boy. Added, Cair

Seerah 10-19-18 12:27 PM

Boys are silly. :D

Dolby 10-19-18 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by Seerah (Post 330518)
Boys are silly. :D

So are girls! :p

Adys 10-20-18 08:24 AM

Eek, forgot to reply! I'll be here if there's still room? ~ Yup! Added, Cair

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