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Reaver22 10-13-18 10:15 AM

Carbonite Map on battlegrounds
Hey, i want to ask why i don't see any symbols of battleground (like gold mine or lumber mill) on the carbonite map? How can i turn it on? Also when im on the battleground the map show locations of other people but i't doesn't show their name when i try to click them, is there any fix for that? Sorry for bad english and thanks.

ircdirk 10-13-18 11:40 AM

Blizz made changes in API in BfA, im working on this.

Reaver22 10-13-18 03:29 PM

Thanks for your answer, so i guess it should be fixed in the next update right? Also the map on BG's are not movable, it's just zoomed out, maybe this will be helpful.

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