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Zasurus 01-29-12 08:19 AM

HandyNotes for Carbonite... :)
I know Carbonite has a LOT of points of interest etc but it's always nice to be able to add your own points to a map and I use HandyNotes for this but it doesn't work with Carbonite and the Author has said in the past that he will not add support and I understand why Carbonite is a monster of an Addon and if you don't know where to start it is hell but as I have already done this for WorldExplorer (see my request for a few changes to the Carbonite API here :p) I figured I would throw together an addon to bridge this gap.

The addon seems to work farily well. A few bugs but I will look at them when I get time.

It's Called "HandyNotes_Carbonite" You can find it here:

Feel free to give it a go and post any comments there or suggestion and bugs as tickets here:

Hope it is of use to others as well! Long live Carbonite! ;)



Zasurus 01-29-12 01:13 PM

Sorry the file hadn't gone across from CurseForge to Curse before but it's gone now! :)

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