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handiboy 01-23-20 05:47 PM

arena frames status text remove
Hey all, I previously asked for a macro in classic wow to hide the percentage on my unit frame while maintaining it on my targets frame when using the percentage status text setting in the interface options, this macro works on retail as well! I was wondering if anyone could help me add onto this macro for retail, I want it to also hide the status text for arena 1 2 3 frames inside of arenas. Right now when I enable the percentage status text in-game and run this script:

/run for _,b in ipairs({PlayerFrameHealthBar,PlayerFrameManaBar}) do b.textLockable=false;b.forceHideText=true;TextStatusBar_UpdateTextString(b);end

it hides the percentage on my frame, shows the percentage on my target, and shows percentage on arena 123 frames. I would like to hide it on the arena frames. Thanks for the help.

handiboy 01-29-20 08:15 PM

anyone have any ideas? :)

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