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Trelis 03-06-13 09:02 PM

5.2 combatlog spell order changes
I hope this is the right place to post this even though the changes have gone live. I haven't seen these mentioned in any of the 5.2 lua changelogs I have seen.

Some of the COMBAT_LOG_EVENT spell orders have changed. I have found the following have changed


For 5.1, the order was: spellid, spellName, spellSchool, extraSpellID, extraSpellName, extraSpellSchool
For 5.2, the order is changed to: extraSpellID, extraSpellName, extraSpellSchool, spellid, spellName, spellSchool

Has anyone else found other events that have changed order?

Phanx 03-06-13 09:37 PM

This is a known issue:


Combat log is reporting purges, friendly dispels, and spellsteals backwards.

oscarucb 03-09-13 01:09 AM

So it's a "known issue", but that doesn't tell us how soon to expect a fix.

Should we be updating addons to interpret spellids in the "new" order or not?

Phanx 03-09-13 05:26 AM

Probably, if you don't want users to complain that your addon is broken, but don't be surprised if Blizzard fixes it 3 days after you update your addon. :p

Trelis 05-27-13 03:24 AM

I just thought I should note that this issue is fixed in 5.3 so if you updated for 5.2, you can return to your 5.1 code now.

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