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awildgoose11 03-30-20 05:35 AM

Help with making my addon (WoW classic)
Hello, I am VERY new to addon programming but I wanted to make a simple one that dismounts your character if you right click on an ore vein while mounted. Here is what I made, (it doesn't seem to be working) any help would be appreciated. (WoW Classic btw)


local f = CreateFrame("Frame",nil,UIParent)
  local u = UnitName("mouseover");
f:SetScript("OnClick", function (self, button, down)
 if (button = "RightButton" and down = true and u = "Tin Vein" or u = "Iron Deposit" or u = "Mithril Vein" or u = "Copper Vein" or u = "Gold Vein" or u = "Truesilver Vein" or u = "Thorium Vein" or u = "Dark Iron Vein" or u = "Elementium Vein" or u = "Snall Obsidian Chunk" or u = "Large Obsidian Chunk") then

Again the goal is to dismount when an ore is right clicked. Thanks. :)

Xrystal 03-30-20 06:14 AM

UnitName won't work on deposits. They are for units like player, target, pet, party1, raid1 etc. Deposits are not any of these.

It is unlikely that there is an automated way of doing this as the moment you try to mine while mounted it will report that you are mounted.

Of course there is a chance that there is a way but it will likely be based on creating a button that Dismounts() and then carries out the Mining action ( if that can be scripted/macro'd ). Seeing as the dismount process isn't instant it may fail the mining action anyway.

So, simplest action, is to just dismount and then do some mining. Then mount up again when finished.

awildgoose11 03-30-20 06:18 AM

Ahh OK I see, thanks for the info. Hopefully it will be possible in the future!

(Mods close this thread please)

Seerah 03-30-20 11:11 AM

You can check for when you get the mounted error and then dismount. But this addon is already made for you:

HydraWoW 03-30-20 11:19 AM

You can use the event UI_ERROR_MESSAGE for this case! I have a script on classic that auto dismounted when attacking or opening a flight path up, but I can't recall if it handled the case of mining or not as well. I don't have a sub active for WoW currently, but looking at this (or what Seerah posted) might help you get a start

Pastebin link

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