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Emily 08-22-14 10:43 AM

Hi, we have 330 responses now.
You may feel sick of seeing this post every day, but we are trying to get as many responses as possible.
Hope you can understand.

Thank you!

Emily 08-22-14 10:44 AM


Originally Posted by monkfunk (Post 295733)
Done. Hope it helps Emily! I play because I'm fascinated with what the developers create.

WoW is as deep as you want it to be, or just a cotton candy bouncy ride if desired. I've been playing for several years and still it's the game design, graphics, & mechanics that interest me.

Yes, it helps. Thank you very much.

Emily 08-26-14 01:01 PM

Here is the result of the Question “Has playing World of Warcraft(WoW) caused any of the following problems for you (Please choose all that apply)”?
46.0%--I experience fatigue after playing online for several hours.
25.7%--I sleep less so I can have more time to play online
15.0%--I skip meals because I am so attracted to the game.
46.9%--My exercise habits have changed since I started playing games.
33.6%--I spend less time staying in touch with family and real-life friends because I played WoW.
23.0%--I experienced conflict with my family and real-life friends over how much time I spent playing WoW.
19.5%--I was late or missed work because of the time I spent playing WoW.
Here are some other problems: lost spouse, wrist pain, eye fatigue, dropping out other hobbies like reading.

Emily 08-27-14 10:50 AM

Hi, we have 346 responses now.

Emily 08-30-14 10:52 AM

Hi, this survey will be closed on next Monday.
Please take a few minutes to complete it before it's closed.

Emily 09-01-14 11:12 AM

Hi, today is the last day to complete the survey.

Thank you very much for your participation.

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