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FranekW 01-06-19 01:19 PM

Locale - WoW doesn't render Unicode characters
I was testing a localization by "AceLocale-3.0". I am polish and was testing a few strings in InterfaceOptionsFrame. It turns out that WoW cannot correctly display polish characters and shows them as question marks "?". I read that strings used for localization in different languages should be represented as a sequence of escaped codes in Unicode, e.g. the letter "ż" is coded as a sequence of two following bytes \197\188 (or \xC5 \xBC); link to Unicodes. I have done it but WoW still does not correctly recognise characters in my language.

Any idea what I should do? Does WoW use different code pages when I change text to French?

Kanegasi 01-06-19 02:12 PM

I tested this ingame and was able to print that character among others (first line, 14:58).

/run print("\197\188")

However, I do have all of WoW's fonts replaced, so it's probably WoW's default fonts that don't support enough characters.

myrroddin 01-06-19 08:05 PM


Originally Posted by Kanegasi (Post 331292)
WoW's default fonts that don't support enough characters.

That's the key point. The font you are using for Polish doesn't have those characters mapped, and displays them as ? instead. There are unicode fonts out there, and LibSharedMedia-3.0 supports them in options displays, assuming they are registered like any other font.

Alternately you can create the folder World of Warcraft\_retail_\Fonts and put your unicode fonts there, named appropriately.

FranekW 01-07-19 04:41 AM

It's 2019 now and default font in WoW still desn't recognise Unicode characters! Shame on you Blizzard!

Anyway, thanks for pointing this out, guys! I'll have a look at LibSharedMedia-3.0

FranekW 01-07-19 07:18 AM

I have read through LibSharedMedia and I can see how to register new fonts for an addon.

However, I can't figure out how to use a new font in InterfaceOptionsFrame or any other frame. At the moment, options frame is opened by invoking "InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenInCategory(optionsFrame)", which then is opened in default Blizzard's interface window. I currently don't know what to do to change font in there.

I have also read through Ace3 again and in one of the comments someone figured out that it would be possible to open options in a separate window when AceConfigDialog:Open(appName) is used. This would be possible be to apply a new font but still I can't figure out how to do that.

myrroddin 01-07-19 09:37 AM

Look at the Custom Controls example here:

You would need to create a defaults table and an options table, register them with Ace3 as per the other examples in the documentation. In your options table follow the Custom Controls example. If you get stuck, start a new thread and I'm sure someone will help out.

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