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Orpheus66 10-19-10 07:54 AM

I will be donating now, and i hope more people do:
Now that i know for sure Carbonite is being worked on i will be donating. I absolutely love this addon and appreciate just how much work goes into it. However, one update that would be nice is to have Carbonite work a little better when in Arenas. In order for me to see the map properly i have to hold down the Alt button, am i missing a setting or something to get it to work properly?

Anyway I just hope $20 is enough of a thank-you.

carboniteaddon 10-19-10 11:32 AM

Bind a key to the Carbonite "Toggle Full Size Minimap" keybinding, then you could make the minimap fullsize inside of the Carb map while in arenas.

ringw0rm 10-19-10 01:52 PM

I just donated and why wouldn't you? For me the Beta version was awesome, I'm positive this release will not disappoint. Thanks to all who help to this add-on, AWESOME!!!


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