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LukewarmCereal 09-09-16 10:53 AM

Framerate dropping when map showing.
I've started having a very strange issue. One one of my characters, and only one, my framerate drops (from 60 to 11!) when the Carbonite map is open in the corner of the screen. I usually have the map visible at all times, with the default minimap incorporated into it.

This only happens on one character.

If I hide the map, the framerate shoots back up until I show it again. Also, if I alt-M to open up the default map, the framerate returns to normal while the default map is visible.

I've disabled all other addons to check this isn't a weird conflict, and it still occurs. I also just installed the newest version of Carbonite from Github. No change.

This seems really weird, and 11fps is painful. Any ideas?

ircdirk 09-09-16 11:33 AM

Use search before creating new thread.

See here:


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