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myrroddin 08-31-16 08:35 PM

Translators wanted for AdiBags Hearthstones
AdiBags is a wonderful "all in one" bag AddOn that supports the player's inventory, bank, and reagent bank. And its best part is that the display filters can be extended.

Thus AdiBags_Hearthstones came about, because I was frustrated with seeing the various portal and hearthing items displayed under "Junk" or "Other".

You can download this plugin (AdiBags is required) at either Wowinterface or Curse, and there is a page listing the currently supported items. If you see anything that needs to be added or removed, please let me know.

There are only eight (8) phrases that need localization, and I'm limited to English. If anyone is interested in helping, please jump in, and thank you! :)

The Wowace localization page is here. I'll flag new versions as people contribute :banana::D

myrroddin 09-01-16 06:15 PM

The list of supported items has vastly increased, thanks to Wowace/Curseforge user CajunTed. However, the auto documenter from Curseforge is backed up (24 hours and counting) and hasn't updated the list since I initially wrote the list by hand.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon. In the meantime, there are now several dozen items that can hearth or portal supported by AdiBags_Hearthstones, even if the webpage list isn't current.


Please keep the translations coming. There are a few new ones already. Thank you to the contributors :banana:

Phanx 09-01-16 08:21 PM

You may want to think about restructuring your UI strings so you don't end up with a bunch of "Show items like <Inscription scrolls/Ruby Slippers/Kirin Tor rings> in this group" strings that are very similar but need to be translated individually. For example, if your UI is currently a set of checkboxes, you could add a header to the top of the set that says "Select the item types to show in this group" and then change the checkbox labels to either individual items (eg. "Ruby Slippers") or more generalized categories (eg. "Equippable items", "Consumable items", "Hearthstones").

(On the topic of "equippable items" I'm unclear as to why Ruby Slippers and Kirin Tor rings aren't grouped together -- they're both items you have to equip and then use. If the grouping is by destination, for example, then the UI text should list the destination, rather than a random item for that destination.)

Also, there's no need to support the Innkeeper's Daughter as an item. It's now a toy, so if the item is still in your bag, you should either right-click it to add it to your toybox, or delete the item if you already learned the toy on another charager.

myrroddin 09-01-16 08:33 PM

I could restructure the strings, but they are so simple, even with some similarity, and mostly there are only a small few of them.

In hindsight, I probably should have used string.format and had only one string. Oh well.

As for why "equip and use" aren't all lumped together, it is mostly back end sanity. With the lists of items ever growing, I have one internal table for armour, weapons, cloaks, tabards, and another list for jewelry such as trinkets, rings, and neck pieces.

Kind of why "Consumables" isn't a category containing quest items and scrolls; they are two different tables.

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