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[email protected] 03-10-19 05:31 AM

No data in skada, recount or details!
ElVui works perfectly. But Skada does not so I tried Recount but again no data in the displays and then Details does not display data but the display frames are there as are some info on details. So is my system not allowing data through to the servers maybe? Have been playing wow for more than 10 years. Help please?

Tim 03-10-19 10:18 AM

Your computer has no effect on the data that passes through those addons or data for any addon. Without knowing exactly what's going on my first response would be to make sure you're using the current version of said addons. The next would be to install install BugSack and BugGrabber and if the issue persists after using the current version of those addons to look into the bug addon and report what it's saying.

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