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Shokarta 04-08-20 09:34 AM

flying speed of ranged spells?

is there a way to calculate (or to know) how fast all ranged spells are flying?
how many yards per second?

Im developing the addon which blocks spells when the target has the debuff.
For example, doesnt make sence to keep casting Serpent Sting when target still has the debuff.

However in order to improve, I wish to have been able to cast again when target still has the debuff but the debuff will fade before I hit the target with the spell.

Xrystal 04-08-20 10:26 AM

There is no such thing as calculating time to hit the target after casting, as far as I am aware. Look up wowpedia and see what commands and return values are available on functions relating to combat or spell casting. I suspect it iss down to learning the spell and having a timer showing how much debuff is left.

Addons like OmniCC will add a timer to the action button to signify how much time is left on the current targets debuff that you cast. Simply learn at what number you need to start your cast with to hit it when the debuff comes off.

Addons like TellMeWhen have a selection of buttons that flash up suggesting what spells/abilities to cast next based on your class and spec.

Have a look and see how they do it and if their addons don't work or doesn't do exactly what you do use what you have learned from their addons to write your own that does what you want. Obviously within the ability of the current wow api systems.

Shokarta 04-08-20 01:32 PM


Its 35 yards per second

Xrystal 04-08-20 03:50 PM


Originally Posted by Shokarta (Post 335586)

Its 35 yards per second

1 = Inspect, 28 yards
2 = Trade, 11.11 yards
3 = Duel, 9.9 yards
4 = Follow, 28 yards

This is about the best I think ( I may be wrong like before :P ) outside of the existing debuff remaining and learning the best time to do it.

Shokarta 04-09-20 02:38 AM

Thi is not what I was asking for.
I was looking for shot speed (yards per second).
so if the target is 70 yards away from you and you shot him with autoattack or other hunter spells (mage has some fireballs, etc) it will take exactly 2 seconds to reach and make damage...

SDPhantom 04-09-20 07:48 AM

The longest range of any normal ability is 40-45 yds. The only spells with a range larger than this are scouting spells like Far Sight and Eagle Eye. Neither of these are in the debuff category of spells you're specifically inquiring about. Not all abilities have a travel time. Some hit instantly, however those that do travel typically hit within a second of casting. If you want to make sure you allow 100% uptime, you should also account for latency. Also keep in mind that many debuffs allow you to carry over the remaining duration up to a certain percentage into the next application.

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