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tatsudoshi 01-07-07 05:59 AM

Newbie: Get XP recieved on kill?
Hi it's the newbie again :o

Which API function can tell me how much XP the players gets on a kill?

Many thanks for the help

shouryuu 01-07-07 09:54 AM

When you kill a mob that gives you XP, the following event is triggered (


The argument is the chat message you receive: " You gain XXXX experience", so all you have to do is parse the XXXX out.

tatsudoshi 01-07-07 10:02 AM

Ah okay.

I thourght there was a function or something.

Thanks for the help dude :D

tatsudoshi 01-07-07 12:45 PM

Nm, figured it out :)

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