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Treboron 09-22-09 12:42 PM

infopanel GuildChat broken 3.2.2
The Infopanel for GuildChat (which i asked for and got in like 12 horus :banana:) broke this morning.

The chat window now just shows all the time - not within the confines of the right panel's button selection.

I can live w/o it, but I do like this mini addon :)

Treboron 09-22-09 01:36 PM

NMD... forgot to load out of date addon... silly patches :rolleyes:

Xrystal 09-22-09 06:09 PM

Wow .. shouldn't be out of date :( still version 30200 *shrugs* probably a blizz bug :D

digitalcowboy 09-25-09 01:30 AM

not using guildchat...
Im not using guildchat but as of late with the new patch i havent been getting a chat window at all. anyone having the same problem?

Xrystal 09-25-09 06:30 AM

It has been working fine for me and cannot think of anything that could be stopping it from working unless you somehow turn off the guild chat options every time you log in.

Can you send us a screen shot just in case I spot something that sparks an idea as to the cause. Just turn on guild chat on the normal chat frame if you have turned it off and have both windows displayed and it should have the chat in both windows. If not, screen shot it :D

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